Skills, values and talent

The person, his preparation, his creativity, his enthusiasm and, above all, his sense of responsibility, are at the heart of MY PR values. Thanks to a deep consulting approach that means to know the clients and identifies unique valorization systems, the agency has grown up in a very competitive market and has maintained strong links with firms, authorities and Italian and international brands. In the age of digital, guerrilla and viral, public relations risk the loss of their rational and analytical soul, to advantage ony the creative one. Nowadays, the real challenge is the identification of incisive and measurable tasks and strategies. In the tale, Pinocchio could turn into a children or stay a puppet: the Blue Fairy’s magic and Geppetto’s fantasy helped him. But, what if his creator wouldn’t have been master carpenter and wouldn’t have had such an ability at his job? After all, the secret is still the same: being aware, studying, analysing to venture on rough ways or invent brand new paths. We believe that our daily “being brave visionaries” represents the key through what public relations could reach the ultimate maturity.