Consultancy services for defining communication strategies and support for the marcom objectives of the client. MY PR elaborates choice models that considerate the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its image, as well as risks and opportunities in the external environment. Afterwards, we identify the public target reference and the messages to convey. Finally, we choose the communication instruments to integrate into the campaign and the most suitable media to spread the messages. During the elaboration phase of a communication plan, the agency’s approach consists in evaluating attentively the commercial objectives of the client as well as brand positioning and corporate image, in order to verify the results and potential of the activities carried out. Nowadays, and even more in the future, models and plans based on the traditional “one to many” strategy will be abandoned: multichannel perspective, clients maturity towards a greater activism, radical change of information programming are essential requirements to concentrate resources and investments on some target segments, that build and feed word of mouth, opinion, reputation within micro and macro communities and areas.