Crisis and Issue Management

This represents one of the most delicate and decisive communication areas for any company’s life and reputation. For this reason, it is extremely important for the company, in the light of critical events, not to cease the communication process but, on the contrary, to make communication a strategic factor in order to overcome the emergency and to limit the damage, even turning the critical situation into an opportunity. The perception of people with whom you dialogue with can make you win or lose: this, regardless of where the true responsibility is (that obviously, with astuteness should never be denied). It is always possible to be ready to face an emergency: case history studies, field experience and the constant monitoring of the external environment are all both efficient instruments of prevention and needful means of support. Managing a crisis situation requires a lot of preparation, especially to predict and avoid an on-coming crisis. Nothing should be improvised. Communication must be the outcome of a rigorous application of tried and tested methods, obtained from professional experience. MY PR sticks to the necessary procedures with flexibility and efficiency, arranging strategies and tools (crisis plans, position papers, media training, management training sessions, …) that are calibrated on the specific client or critical situations.