Launch of HTC Touch, the first Windows Mobile touchscreen smartphone


Launch Event In Italy Of HTC Touch, First Windows Mobile phone easy to use



To present HTC Touch to the media, channel partners, and opinion leaders by using an evening event of great impact which would be able to bring out the unique characteristics of the new device. The event also had the objective of presenting the credentials of the company’s top management to the press and to its partners on Italian territory.


Strategy and tools

  To introduce the new HTS Touch an unusual location was chosen (the Terrazza of the gym called “Down Town” on Piazza Diaz in Milan), where the guests could experience the “touch” in an exclusive and elegant setting. The official moment of presentation of both the company and the new product took place through a talk show in which many members of the Italian and the international management participated. At the end of the encounter, a buffet dinner followed, while some of the artistes did a dance spectacle accompanied by a music trio, with the domes of the Cathedral of Milan seen in the background. The “touch experience” concept was brought to the fore in all its aspects throughout the event—from the choice of icon material and videos to the catering, from the dance performance to the presence of models who played with the surface of the water of the swimming pool in which they were immersed.



The evening was a great success with immediate media coverage: over 90 journalists participated and 10 interviews were carried out with the international top management (including an article on Italy’s leading newspaper, Corriere della Sera entitled “Chou against Jobs”). Business relations with the Taiwanese company were reinforced with separate chats with the top management and the heads of the different distribution channels and the product partners. A dozen VIPs were also present at the event; they received the new product as a gift and thereby were able to offer their own  first testimonials for the product.


HTC Touch