Cera di Cupra Observatory, 50 years dedicated to women.


Cera di Cupra Observatory focused on the Image of the woman in a society of images


The Cera di Cupra Observatory was founded in 2008, thanks to an idea of the brand of the same name that has spent 50 years dedicated to women. It was devised as a sounding board for female voices and creativity. The mission of the Cera di Cupra Observatory is to monitor the evolution of the role and image of women, with the objective of revealing women’s experiences regarding salient aspects of their social, family and professional position. The first edition of the project, in 2008, had Equal Opportunities as its theme; the second in 2009/2010, focused on the Image of the woman in a society of images.


Strategy and tools

The 2009/2010 project, presented at a press conference, saw a socio-demographic survey carried out by Astra Ricerche which registered the opinion of men and women on the issue of the image of the woman as represented by the media, comparing it with that of ‘communication professionals’, in other words, journalists, advertising executives and PR and direct marketing experts.

In parallel with this survey, Cera di Cupra also organised a competition for female students at the Cattolica University in Milan, the LUISS international university in Rome and the IED European Design Institute in Milan, Turin and Rome, offering six 5,000-euro scholarships as prizes to those entrants who, as ‘the communicators of tomorrow’ best interpreted the theme with writing, photos and video. The most representative works were published in the Riflessi Femminili 2 and shown at a public exhibition at the IED in Milan from 3 to 12 March 2010, in order to share all the creativity, passion and awareness of the viewpoint of the women of tomorrow.



This project allowed great penetration of the Cera di Cupra message into the universities involved, thanks to the competition rules and regulations and brand visibility during the promotion period (with posters put up in all the universities).

The project content strengthened the brand’s links with public institutional bodies and the credibility of Cera di Cupra management, increasing opportunities for debate at roundtables, meetings and congresses, for closer examination of ‘feminine’ issues.

On a press office level, the project generated around 100 articles, reaching an audience of over 45 million.

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