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MY PR organizes the press conference “Women and the time value” an event based on the Astra Ricerche research for Rocca 1794 an Italian clocks and jewels company.

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Italian women usually don’t have much free time in their lives but if they have to dream and project the future they act as if they have lots. This is one of the core theme shown by the research presented today that indicates which is the Italian women point of view in regards to real life and dreams.

The research has been presented today 1st  December 2011 at the boutique Rocca of Milan. A special exposition has been set up for the occasion showing all the most famous female international clocks with the special contribution of Paola Calvetti writer and author of ‘Noi due come un romanzo’ and featuring  Fernanda Pelati, Rocca Ceo and Cosimo Finzi  Astra Ricerche researcher.

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