Digital PR and Social Media Relation

Being “behind the reputation” of companies is our mission also in the Digital PR world. Knowing that information on the web never dies and starting from the conviction that consumers are able to recognize credibility and trust in real contents not manipulated, we help companies in building their reputation and values for the brand in a permanent way, projecting actions focused on active and long term relation with their customers, rather than sensual one-shot-campaign only guided by tactical thought more than strategic.

On the web dynamics are easier, faster and the subjects of interaction are multiplex and not very much classifiable. Blog, community, chat, forum, social networks are made of relations that need time and passion to grow up. Being an active listener first is a need and only after is necessary to start the conversation so that it will be possible to build a faithful long term relation. Monitoring and listening. Listening and analysing conversations to better understand the web sentiment of a brand or a product but also monitoring the web to better identify and choose the best interlocutor (aka influencer), valued following its popularity on the net, the audience and especially the coherence between their interests and our contents. Once selected, our mission is to provide interesting materials and quality contents for satisfying each need build and cultivate the relation with the same values used in real world: knowledge, dialogue, comparison, clearness.