Events Organization

Events, with their extraordinary faculty to build a bidirectional and interactive relationship between the company and its audience, in an involving and absorbing way, have become a strategic lever within media-mix. To be managed, of course, with the greatest care and attention. Events managed by MY PR (products launching, gala nights, roadshows, meetings, guerrilla activities) are effective because turn out to be consistent, pliant, original, exciting and extremely communicable. To the agency, the mix between creative approach (identifying the central concept contents and services pivote at) and analytical approach (finalized to identify features and interests of targets) represents the ground for a successful event. To obtain a perfect execution, MY PR guarantees a precise and accurate direction, able to balance and control the various moments, co-ordinate all the partners and deal with every unexpected issue. The event, apart from being a relation tool, is also a channel to diffuse the corporate image: MY PR conceives readily communicable events and conveys values and contents through a proper press office activity.