Reputation and Positioning

MY PR was born in 1997 as PR HELP Comunicazione d’Impresa. This was the year when a IBM computer beated for the first time in a chess match a great champion in innovation. The year when privacy law was born, the absolute right of everyone to have its data protected, the language. The year of Tony Blair and laburists at the government after 18 years, the change. The year of Kyoto Protocol signing, the environment and the social responsibility. The year when Lady D entered into myth, the globalization of information. The ambition was about using PR to build organizations, companies or brands reputation: a modern approach that would have outdistanced the traditional public relations system in Italy. Thanks to a master, the current MY PR management met. An intense classroom, full of dreams, ambitions, new informations and ancient knowledge. Giorgio Cattaneo, President; Stefania Mercuri, partner and founder; Laura Rigodanza, partner and director, met each other among lessons, projects and new born entrepreneurial ideas. Today, the professional experience still ties those three, with the satisfaction of creating the company they had in mind and with the commitment of developing towards a world where reputation is the real differentiation element in the image society market. After ten years, in 2007, PR HELP Comunicazione d’Impresa became MY PR Behind Reputation, in order to underline its skill to fit the change and to give a denomination to the next decade planning purpose. Our immediate future foresees a high focus, for work teams, on projects able to increase clients intangible assets performance: reputation, development of internal resources, patents, R&D, organizational culture. Think today to act tomorrow.