Press Office

Company, organization and management image is strongly conditioned by mass media; press, radio, television and web with its mobile applications and its news and social networking containers are a crucial stage-set to convey messages, but also to listen, register and analyse the current debate contents. Constant and punctual dialogue with the information world also becomes an essential element of an attentive and accurate corporate communication strategy. MY PR, thanks to its knowledge of newsworthiness and selection criteria the media professionals usually follow, contributes to the development and preservation of these contacts, through a well defined and realistic programme. Each media has specific editorial needs, due to a precise timing and depending on the subject of the covered topic. The transmission techniques of these news are fundamental, too. The more the press offices message is attuned to and contextualised the higher the probability that it will be diffused correctly. For this reason MY PR, on the basis of the clients aims, identifies the ideal media professionals to contact and creates a news context around the messages to be sent, differentiating the content according to the requirements of each media sector. For our agency the Press Office is and in the future will remain a competitive instrument in a complete company communication strategy; as long as it is not only oriented to the issuing of news (pushing phase), but also to the gathering and organisation of the information the media manipulate, and that can directly or indirectly regards the company we work for (pulling phase).